We celebrate:

60 years
Schaffner Primera
Liegenschaften AG


A family business specializing in holding commercial and logistics properties in Switzerland.

With this background, which is based on the family’s own expertise, we offer national and international clients as well as families personal services in various real estate cases.


Schaffner Primera Liegenschaften AG, which specialises in holding commercial and private properties in Switzerland was co-founded by Florenz Schaffner Senior in 1964. It became a family business when Florenz Schaffner Senior and his sons acquired 100% of the shares in 1990. Later, Beat Schaffner acquired the company and started managing it. He graduated as an architect from ETH SIA and is now in charge of structural issues of existing properties and their optimization.

Meanwhile, the company now has a third generation with Jil and Julian Schaffner. Julian Schaffner is a Federally qualified property marketer. He heads the SPL Services department, pursuing internal strategies for our family’s own portfolio. He is also in charge of property development. Jil Schaffner represents the company in its corporate communications, cultivates its brand image and assists with the administration.

Today, the company’s portfolio comprises investment properties in the industrial, retail, logistics and commercial sectors.

Since 2018, Schaffner Primera has also offered a consultancy service for property owners and smaller family companies /investors. The privately accessible investor platform for SPL customers was launched in 2022.

Our values


What really matters to us is handling our orders in our clients’ best interests, as if we were buying or selling property ourselves. Since 1964, we have cultivated personal relations in which trust is a key factor in working together successfully. These principles and values also apply to our role as property owners.


As a small, exclusive property family office, we work in confidence and pursue your aims and ours carefully, patiently and discreetly.


Our partners and clients are directly in touch with the owners in everything our business does.

We don’t delegate business, but are there as your personal contacts at any time.


Create a sustainable and stable family portfolio and help others in achieving their goals in the real estate world.

Human + Digital – It is also our mission to serve our customers with an optimal mix of personal services and the latest digital applications in the real estate sector. With this mix we want to offer our customers the best of both worlds.


A seed can become a growing tree. That’s how we see our property investments and yours. The pine in our logo symbolises this confidence. We want good property investments to be available to small investors too and want you to have us as personal advisers by your side.


Beat Schaffner

Dipl. Arch. ETH SIA
Member of the board

E bs@schaffner-primera.ch

Julian Schaffner

Real estate marketer – federal professional certificate

CAS General Real Estate Management
CAS Digital Real Estate
SPL Services & Inhouse Portfolio Management

E julian@schaffner-primera.ch

Jil Schaffner

B.Sc. International Hospitality Management
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
Family Portfolio Strategy

E jil@schaffner-primera.ch